“You asshole, YOU caused it!”

Connie Larkin

Three Steps To Choosing Individual Responsibility For The Planet And Not Only

“”An inspirational journey that makes you think, wake up from the more or less comfortable hibernation, in order to be really alive. ”

Daniela Palade Teodorescu
“Avantaje” Magazine/Chief Editor

This Book Is For You If

You want to find out where are the barriers

you experience in your life and how you can transcend them;

You want to access

a new level of education, which enhances life (Ontological);

If you want to let go

being a victim and start taking action instead;

If you want to make a contribution

to your life and your community;

If you want to be free

from living a purely conceptual life.

About The Book

This book is a lot more than her nail biting story of escape, the struggle to fit into a new and alien society and her eventual success. This book is an expression of her commitment to making available another point of view from which people worldwide could look and think about environmental issues.

The title of this book, “You, asshole, YOU caused it!” is an expression she loves, that belongs to a man she loves: Werner Erhard, the founder of Est Training. In its pages you can see the far-reaching effects of the Ontological education, which was at the foundation of the Est Training and now at the foundation of all Landmark courses.

The perspective from which this book is written is unique in the sense that it belongs to someone who for over 30 years has had her life sourced by this education.

Ontology (the science of being) deals with awareness, and awakening; awareness has nothing to do with acquiring intellectual information. It is rather an experience, like the difference between knowing the fire is hot and experiencing the heat itself if you put your hand in the fire.

About The Author

To write about me I will start with a quote from my book: “There were no thoughts of the future, no thoughts of the past, no worries, incriminations or calculations of any kind. There is just NOW. The bliss of it! In his biography Werner talks about this state of mind in this way: ‘To be satisfied, to expand, you must first be where you are, and do what you are doing—no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing’. I was experiencing that. My past disappeared completely—completely in the sense that I could recount the story but very sketchily, and I had no interest in spending even a moment of my life looking at it. I do not know how it is to remember past lives, but that was the thought that came to me. It was like a past life in which I was not at all interested. ”

I was born in Bucharest, Romania. I woke up to life in July 1983 in Tel Aviv when I participated in a Special Evening about the Est Training.


I live my life with passion, in constant dance with the Present. For me, the most empowering relationships are the ones based on respect, where the people involved are open to listen and are committed authentically to evolving; in those relationships I blossom, I am contributed to and contribute in return.


I am most expressed being a Coach, Executive Coach, Trainer, PhotoReading Instructor, and anything else that reflects and is based on Ontological education, freedom to be, authenticity.


In the language of Possibility which I adopted in 1983 as being the only one that honors the most the human being, I am who I say I am. Who I say I am is any possibility of being that most inspires me.


Ileana Irina Bara

The book "You asshole, YOU caused it!" made me aware of what I needed to do in order to let go of being a victim and live my life harmoniously.

Mihaela Avadani, Iasi

I was trying to answer the question “What did reading this book open up for me?” and I could not find an answer besides “It opened up my mind... my eyes and my mind”. I began to see situations in my life with different eyes, a lot more clear, as if I had always had a veil covering my eyes, stopping me from seeing properly, and due to the book just got removed.